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Our History

The story of Narrabeen Smash Repairs began way back in Holland in the early 1950's when a skilled panel beater named Jerry Kamminga decided to sell his 2 panelbeating businesses and together with some of his best employees, his wife and 4 young children, came to Australia. He also brought with him some of Europe's most modern smash repair equipment, most unheard of in Australia.

Jerry settled quickly in his new country and in November 1952 he proudly opened the doors of his new business Narrabeen Car and Body Repairs. The business was an instant success. Soon J erry and his team had FJ Holdens, Morris Minors, Renaults, Vauxhalls and Austins lined up outside the workshop.

In 1958 NRMA offered Jerry, in recognition of his outstanding reputation and his excellent customer service, the NRMA towing contract for the area, which we still hold today, 40 years later.

In 1962 Jerry's eldest son Klaas started as a 1st year apprentice. Ten years later Klaas with his wife Lyn took over the running of the shop and Jerry took a well earned semi retirement.

The business continued to thrive and in 1986 due to the continuing workload Klaas took aboard Lucky Belleri, his foreman, as a partner in the business.

The business continued to expand and it was soon obvious with the introduction of more modern equipment such as spray booths, autorobots and such, that the existing premises would be too small.

Klaas and Lucky found the ideal spot, just up the road, for a new workshop, premises previously occupied by a Mitsubishi dealership. In January 1987 Klaas and Lucky opened their new 16,000 sq foot premises situated on the main road at North Narrabeen.

In 1990 they fazed in a change of the business name from Narrabeen Car and Body to Narrabeen Smash Repairs, as they say "the name now says it all".

At Narrabeen Smash Repairs the family tradition still continues. In January 1997 Klaas's son Mark joined the company as a 1st year panelbeater apprentice introducing a third generation into the business. In 2007, Mark teamed up with Lucky to partner the business...

Our original letterhead

Our original workshop in 1952

Jerry Kamminga with a 1968 Renault R10